Stoney Creek Pet Clinic Services
Class IV Therapeutic Laser
Class IV laser therapy is low level laser light therapy which provides a revolutionary new approach for treating many causes of pain and inflammation.  There are many benefits of using laser therapy in our veterinary patients from chronic joint diseases, post operative healing, acute traumatic injuries, to acute skin conditions.  At Stoney Creek Pet Clinic it is considered a standard protocol of pain management for surgical procedures.  Next time you are in, please ask us about the many ways laser therapy may benefit your pet or visit (
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Proper care of your pet's teeth is very important for your pet's health and well being.  At Stoney Creek Pet Clinic we have a special interest in dentistry for both dogs and cats and we strongly recommend regular, professional dental cleanings.  Our dental services include probing, cleaning, and polishing each tooth.  Our doctors are also experienced in oral surgery and extraction techniques.  We are very fortunate to offer dental radiology as well.  Being able to take x-rays of your pets teeth can help determine what treatment is necessary.  A completely healthy looking tooth can sometimes have serious problems below the gum line.  Bone loss, tooth root abscess, and cavities can sometimes be detected only by dental x-rays.  As with your own teeth, preventative care of your pet's teeth is very important.  We will advise you on the appropriate home care protocol that best suits your pet and his/her specific oral health needs.
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At Stoney Creek Pet Clinic we offer a variety of surgical services in addition to elective procedures such as spays and neuters.  Our surgeries are performed in a sterile surgery suite that offers heated surgery tables and isoflurane anesthesia.  We monitor all patients throughout the procedure with pulse oximetry.  Our doctors and staff believe that pain management is very important for your pet's recovery.  Our philosophy at Stoney Creek Pet Clinic is to provide the best medications available for pain management.  We adhere to the most recent guidelines which include medications before and after the surgery to minimize your pet's discomfort.  Most patients are released with pain medications appropriate for the patient and the type of procedure performed.
We offer discounted pricing on Spays and Neuters for our loyal clients who have completed the puppy/kitten wellness examination and vaccination series with us.
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Annual Wellness Exam and Vaccinations
At Stoney Creek Pet Clinic we recommend annual wellness exams for all pets.  Early detection of health problems is an important benefit of these regular exams.  Our doctors will make recommendations concerning blood work and laboratory testing, dentistry, dietary changes, and any other preventative health care needs based on your pet's age, risks, and exam findings.  At Stoney Creek Pet Clinic we individualize every pets vaccination protocol and administer only the vaccines necessary for your pets risk of exposure.  Our doctors follow the current vaccine guidelines which allows for most vaccines to be given every 3 years in adult patients.
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